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Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods help to keep your kitchen cleaner, minimising airborne grease and smoke.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a cooker hood to complete your kitchen which we have outlined in this guide to help you make the right decision. It is worth noting that some of these choices will be determined by your existing layout unless you want to completely rebuild your kitchen.


Product Size

Cooker hoods are available to fit all of the freestanding cookers and built-in hobs that we sell. It is best to get a hood that is the same width as your cooker or hob to ensure it will work efficiently but there are no rules: you can fit any size you want as long as you have the space.

Some models of cooker and hob have a matching hood in the same range but the choice is yours when it comes to finding the right hood for you.

Larger kitchens require bigger hoods with more powerful motors to recycle greater volumes of air.

Smaller hoods are more suitable for compact kitchens as they usually have lower extraction rates.


Types of Hood

There are many types of cooker hood available, each with different characteristics.

It’s useful to understand exactly what each type does to ensure that you have the right hood for your kitchen.

Visor hoods - Also known as traditional hoods, these are the most basic and most affordable hood on the market. They are ideal for smaller kitchens.

Telescopic hoods - Similar to visor hoods, these feature an extending section for a more streamlined profile when not in use.

Canopy hoods - Almost completely concealed, these are discreet and functional rather than stylish but do get the job done.

Integrated hoods - Hidden behind a cupboard door, these are the most inconspicuous hoods, blending seamlessly into your kitchen.

Chimney hoods - Extending down from the ceiling, these eye-catching hoods are high performance and very stylish but do require space.

Island hoods - A stunning hood for kitchens with island cookers, these are large, stylish and really make statement.


Filtration Method

Cooker hoods use an internal motor to remove the airborne grease and smoke from the air as you cook. There are two different ways they can do this, by extraction or by recirculation, and each has their own benefits.

Extraction hoods - Ducted or extraction hoods remove the smoke and grease out of the kitchen, sucking it out of the room via a pipe which leads outside.

Recirculation hoods - Recirculation hoods recycle the air in the kitchen passing it through filters that clean the air as it travels through the fan before being reintroduced to the kitchen as clean air.


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