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If you purchase a large appliance such as a range cooker or American fridge freezer we will contact you to offer our two man delivery service. The two man team can deliver into your property using all available safety precautions.

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Tall Freezers

Tall freezers, sometimes known as upright freezers, offer large capacities allowing you to store between 150 - 300 litres of food, which makes them ideal for medium to large families who like to stock up on food for the week.

This guide will touch on some factors for your consideration when buying a new upright freezer.


Product Size

Each freezer has its own set dimensions so you will need to make sure you've measured up before making your purchase, as the last thing you want is an appliance that doesn't fit!

Upright freezers are generally between 1400mm (140cm) and 1800mm (180cm) tall, but the dimensions that are the most important are the depth and width, especially if you’re wanting to house your new freezer between work surfaces or other appliances.

Widths vary between 540mm (54cm) and 600mm (60cm) and depths vary between 550mm (55cm) and 720mm (72cm) but you will need to allow a 5cm gap at the back of your freezer and a 2-3cm space around the sides and top for ventilation, so the appliance does not over heat.


Freestanding or Integrated?

Freestanding freezers are ideal if you have the space as they can just slot into your kitchen. However this means they are completely visible and out in the open, so make sure you like how it looks.

Integrated freezers are designed to be placed behind units or under your kitchen worktop, so the style of your kitchen will not change as much when the appliance is hidden – fully integrated models also allow you to fit a cupboard door to the front of the appliance to totally hide it.



Storage space for freezers can be hard to understand as it’s measured in litres rather than the physical dimensions of each compartment.


Special Features

Frost free is potentially one of the most beneficial features to have; a frost free freezer works to remove moist air so there is no build up of ice.

Transparent drawers allow you to see what you are storing at a glance and keep track of its condition.

Freezer baskets enable you to store a large amount of food but still find the item you want easily.

Maxi/big freezer baskets are perfect for storing bulky goods.

Ice cube trays are a convenient and easy way of keeping your drinks cool all year round.

Existing Electrical Supplies

Please check that your current electrical suppy is within 1.5 metres of the location you intend to have your appliance installed.

If we are installing your appliance for you we can provide up to 1.5 metres of electric cable to connect your new appliance to your existing supplies.


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