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Due to Covid-19 all appliance retailers are experiencing extended delays for the delivery of appliances from a number of manufacturers. We are continuing to work hard to source appliances but please be aware that some items may have delays of up to 3 weeks. Please make sure you note the expected delivery times before placing your order to avoid disappointment.

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

Freestanding fridge freezers do exactly what the name suggests.  They are a standalone unit that has a compartment for keeping your fresh food and drink chilled and a freezer compartment for all of your frozen shopping.


Product Size

When buying a fridge freezer, it’s best to measure the space that you want it to go when you get it home so you can start using your new appliance as soon as possible.

When measuring up you need to ensure that you have about 2cm of extra space above and behind the fridge for ventilation purposes. Lack of proper ventilation might cause the appliance to use extra energy and could damage the motor or compressor.



Perfect for anyone who wants a fridge and freezer without using too much floor space, fridge freezers are available in splits of 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30.

A full freezer is more economical to run. With less room for air to circulate, the appliance will use less power so keep it stocked as much as possible.

The guides below will help explain the benefits of each type.


Special Features

Adjustable shelves allow you to configure the fridge space that works best for you.

Fridge freezers with glass shelves in the fridge, rather than wire ones, help prevent food and meat juices dripping onto items stored on the shelf below.

Basic models can have one or two salad crisper drawers for storing your fruit and veg. Two drawers let you store tender salad leaves and bulky vegetables separately.

Frost free freezers are designed to prevent ice from building up in the freezer compartment, meaning you’ll never face the messy or time-consuming task of having to defrost it.

A quick-chill switch gives a boost of cooling power to chill fresh food to safe temperatures quickly, helping it stay fresher for longer and keeping nutrients locked inside.

The fast-freeze function works in the same way to freeze fresh food quickly. This means food will be fresher when it’s defrosted and will have retained more nutrients.

Existing Electrical Supplies

Please check that your current electrical suppy is within 1.5 metres of the location you intend to have your appliance installed.

If we are installing your appliance for you we can provide up to 1.5 metres of electric cable to connect your new appliance to your existing supplies. Gas appliances do not come with the gas hose or and electrical models which require hardwiring do not come with the wire.

Please be aware that gas models also require a 13A electrical supply.


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