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Gas Hobs

Gentle enough to warm milk and powerful enough for stir-frying, gas hobs are versatile and responsive, perfect for an aspiring chef as you are able to regulate its strength so effectively.

This handy guide will make it easier for you to get cooking on gas.


Product Size

There is no standard size for hobs, but many hobs do use the same design which is four burners or heat zones on a rectangular panel 600mm (60cm) wide by 500mm (50cm) deep.

Hobs come with two sets of dimensions, the actual dimensions of the hob and the dimensions required for the work top cut out which the hob will sit in. The cut out dimensions are generally a few centimetres smaller than the actual dimensions.

Please make sure you double check these before you buy, particularly if you are replacing an old hob.


Number of Burners

Hobs come in all shapes and sizes, from single and two-ring burners, through more standard four-ring hobs, to range-sized five-burner hobs with wok burners.

Four-burner hobs - Unless you cook meals for large groups or have limited space you will probably end up with 4 burners/zones, they are less expensive than smaller models and fit in most kitchens.

Five-burner hobs - Larger hobs have five burners, including a central wok burner. However, having five burners doesn't mean that you'll be able to fit five pots and pans comfortably on the hob, but the extra hob ring does give you more space than a four-ring hob. 

One and two-ring hobs - If you do have limited space and go for a smaller hob then don’t worry, with some creative thinking you will find that even a Sunday roast can be prepared with only two burners/zones, (also known as domino hobs).

Special Features

Flame supervision device - When turned on, the gas either immediately turns off, or after a short while the level of the flame changes by itself.



Once you've purchased your hob, it will need to be installed by a professional Gas Safe registered engineer.

We can arrange a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to install your appliance.

Hot Zone

It's important for your appliance to be installed safely. Before purchasing a new hob or cooker you must take the 'Hot Zone' into consideration. This applies to both gas and electric models.

The 'Hot Zone' is the area directly above your cooker or hob. No gas or electric hob or cooker can be installed if there are fixtures and fittings which are not heat resistant within the 'Hot Zone'. This includes but is not limited to; any plug sockets - including the cooker switch, shelves and cupboards, boilers and wallpaper. 

Please see our diagram illustrating the 'Hot Zone' to help you determine whether or not you have anything which may need to be adjusted for safety prior to installation.   


If you have chosen a gas appliance please keep in mind that gas safety regulations state that you must install a gas appliance in a room which has adequate ventilation. This means that you must have either a window or a door leading to the outside. 

If you don't have a window or a door leading to the outside you should opt for an electric model instead.


Existing Gas and/or Electric Supplies

Please check that your current gas and/or electrc supplies are within 1.5 metres of the location you intend to have your appliance installed.

If we are installing your appliance for you we can provide up to 1.5 metres of gas hose and/or electric cable to connect your new appliance to your existing supplies. Gas appliances do not come with the gas hose or and electrical models which require hardwiring do not come with the wire.

Please be aware that gas models also require a 13A electrical supply.

Electrical Connection 

Before buying a new hob it's important to take into consideration whether you need a hardwired or plug in model. Some hobs require more power than others. 

If you have a 13A plug socket then you need to purchase a model with a 13A plug connection.

If you have a 32A wall socket then you may purchase a hardwired model or you may hardwire a 13A plug in model.

If you're unsure what type of connection you have please refer to our diagram.

Please be aware that gas models also require a 13A electrical supply.





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