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Due to Covid-19 all appliance retailers are experiencing extended delays for the delivery of appliances from a number of manufacturers. We are continuing to work hard to source appliances but please be aware that some items may have delays of up to 3 weeks. Please make sure you note the expected delivery times before placing your order to avoid disappointment.

Range Cookers

Range cookers have been at the heart of homes for hundreds of years and are the largest domestic cookers available, with more cooking hobs, zones and cavities than a standard cooker.

A great choice for larger families as well as gourmets, range cookers give you the space to achieve professional results at home.

This guide is here to help you think about what you want to get out of a range, whilst explaining their functions without using jargon.


Product Size

All range cookers are roughly the same height and depth and they come in three standard widths - 90cm, 100cm and 110cm - so check what space you have available in your kitchen.

All range cookers on our website have the dimensions (H) x (W) x (D) displayed with them.  These measurements refer to the overall exterior of the appliance.  The height is how tall the appliance is, the width is the measurement from side to side, and the depth is the measurement from front to back.

Manufacturers generally recommend an additional 5 mm, known as the recess dimensions, around the range cooker to allow for ventilation and to prevent overheating.


Gas, Electric or Dual Fuel?

When it comes to choosing the right range cooker, you could be left with more questions than when you started, but to make it simpler we have outlined the key benefits of each type below.

Gas range cookers - These are the cheapest to cook with. The hobs on gas cookers are easy to control and provide instant heat when you need it.

Electric range cookers - Most electric range cookers have one or more ovens with a fan, which helps to spread the heat around the oven. If your oven has a fan, it’s going to heat up more quickly - this means you can reduce the cooking temperature and cooking times.

Dual fuel range cookers - This is the most popular type of range cooker. They have a gas hob, which should be easy to control, and electric ovens, which generally heat more evenly than gas ovens.


Special Features

Griddle - These are large cast-iron slabs that are excellent for searing meat or veg. Some are ridged, while others are flat and can be used for making pancakes or frying eggs.

Roasting tray - Some range cookers have a roasting tray holder fitted to the door, so that when you open the door it swings out with it. This avoids having to reach into the oven when you want to tend to your roast potatoes.

Wok burner - Found on gas hobs, this is a fierce burner that is great for a stir fry, searing meat or simply heating up a big pan of water quickly.

Hot Zone

It's important for your appliance to be installed safely. Before purchasing a new hob or cooker you must take the 'Hot Zone' into consideration. This applies to both gas and electric models.

The 'Hot Zone' is the area directly above your cooker or hob. No gas or electric hob or cooker can be installed if there are fixtures and fittings which are not heat resistant within the 'Hot Zone'. This includes but is not limited to; any plug sockets - including the cooker switch, shelves and cupboards, boilers and wallpaper. 

Please see our diagram illustrating the 'Hot Zone' to help you determine whether or not you have anything which may need to be adjusted for safety prior to installation. 


If you have chosen a gas appliance please keep in mind that gas safety regulations state that you must install a gas appliance in a room which has adequate ventilation. This means that you must have either a window or a door leading to the outside. 

If you don't have a window or a door leading to the outside you should opt for an electric model instead.


Existing Gas and/or Electric Supplies

Please check that your current gas and/or electrc supplies are within 1.5 metres of the location you intend to have your appliance installed.

If we are installing your appliance for you we can provide up to 1.5 metres of gas hose and/or electric cable to connect your new appliance to your existing supplies. Gas appliances do not come with the gas hose or and electrical models which require hardwiring do not come with the wire.

Please be aware that gas models also require a 13A electrical supply.

Electrical Connection 

Before buying a new range cooker it's important to take into consideration whether you need a hardwired or plug in model. Some range cookers require more power than others. 

If you have a 13A plug socket then you need to purchase a model with a 13A plug connection.

If you have a 32A wall socket then you may purchase a hardwired model or you may hardwire a 13A plug in model.

If you're unsure what type of connection you have please refer to our diagram.

Please be aware that gas models also require a 13A electrical supply.





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