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Condenser Tumble Dryers

Condenser tumble dryers can be plugged into the wall anywhere in your house as you don't need to connect the exhaust hose to a vent or window which makes them easier to install.  These dryers work by condensing the warm damp air from your laundry into water and depositing it into a container, which you have to empty.

Alternatively, some condenser dryers can be fitted with a hose that you attach to a waste pipe to drain the water away directly, saving you from emptying the water tank yourself.


Product Size

Will it fit?  That’s the first question that should be on your mind when choosing a new dryer.  You know where you want it to go, but if the appliance is too big you’ve then got the hassle of arranging for it to be returned as well as being without a dryer in the meantime.

All of the condenser dryers available at Appliance Direct are labelled with full dimensions of height, width and depth so you can be sure your appliance will fit under your counter or in between your other appliances.



Load Size

The amount of laundry you can do in one load depends on the drum size of your tumble dryer. The larger the drum size, the more laundry the dryer will be able to handle effectively. Drum size is measured by the weight it can handle.  The most common drum sizes are 6kg and 7kg-capacity tumble dryers.

The guides below give a rough estimation as to how much drying typical models can do.



Special Features

Sensor Drying Technology - Sensors inside the dryer will detect just how wet the laundry inside the drum is and will stop the cycle when it’s dry.

Please check the product descriptions to see if a particular model has any of the features listed.


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