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Vented Tumble Dryers

Vented tumble dryers are traditional tumble dryers that pump out the warm damp air from the drum through a hose, which has to be connected to a wall or window vent.

Electric vented tumble dryers are cheaper and generally use less energy than condenser models.


Product Size

The first thing you need to bear in mind is whether or not a particular tumble dryer is going to fit where you need it to when you get it home.

All of the vented tumble dryers available at Appliance Direct are labelled with full dimensions of height, width and depth so you can be sure your appliance will fit under your counter or in between your other appliances.



Load Size

Vented tumble dryers come with different capacities, ranging from compact models that can dry 3kg of laundry all the way up to very large, 10kg capacity models.  The most common drum sizes are 6kg and 7kg capacity tumble dryers.

The guides below give a rough estimation as to how much drying typical models can do.


Special Features

Sensor Drying Technology - Sensors inside the dryer will detect just how wet the laundry inside the drum is and will stop the cycle when it’s dry.

Please check the product descriptions to see if a particular model has any of the features listed.


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