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Freestanding Washing Machines

Freestanding washing machines are ideal if you are happy to have it on display in your kitchen or utility room.  They also have the bonus that they are fairly easy to install.

This jargon free buying guide will help you to understand what questions you need to be thinking about when looking at washing machines.


Product Size

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a freestanding washing machine is how much room you have in your kitchen or utility room for it to go.  All of the washing machines available from Appliance Direct are displayed with all of the dimensions you will need to choose the right one for your available space.

The standard kitchen top is around 90cm high which makes it perfect for placing a washing machine underneath, but make sure you measure the height of your kitchen surface before you buy.


Wash Load

A washing machine's wash load capacity is measured by how much weight the drum can take, so you need a rough idea of how much laundry you will be doing.

The drum sizes below give a good estimation as to what size you will need depending on how many people are in your household.


Spin Speed

Spin speeds range from 1000rpm, 1200rpm, 1300rpm, 1400rpm and 1600rpm.  The faster the RPM (revolutions per minute), the more water will be extracted from your washing at the end of a cycle, which can save time when drying.

Most washing machines have variable spin speeds and these can help determine how damp your laundry comes out at the end of the wash cycle.

It is worth noting that delicate fabrics such as wool could be damaged by a high spin speed, so you should always check the speed recommended on your clothing’s label.


Special Features

Many washing machines now either have an LCD display, LED display, or an audible chime to let you know when the wash cycle is finished. This can be really helpful as you don't have to stay sat next to it waiting for your washing to finish.

In a busy household, a machine with a quick wash feature is an absolute must. For items that are lightly soiled or for something that is needed quickly, the quick wash programme is ideal.

To make it really easy for you, many machines are equipped with sensor technology, whereby sensors basically do all the work for you. Some models will weigh the amount of clothes in the drum while others use sensors to determine how dirty the water is.

Existing Water, Waste Water and Electrical Supplies

Please check that your current water, waste water and electric supplies are within 1.5 metres of the location you intend to have your appliance installed.

If we are installing your appliance for you we will, if required, provide a stop cap for your hot water supply. Please be aware that we do not supply any additional plumbing materials - we will only use what is supplied with your washing machine. 


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